Ordinary Item : Cosplay Item

Wire from takeout box

As I was eating my dinner today [viet. summer rolls], I looked at the wire that connected the box together to make it’s form. I had already pulled it out to get the box to look like how it does in the photo, so it kind of gave me an idea.

Why not use this wire for my ‘Magnet’ Miku Hatsune cosplay? If you are not sure what wire I’m talking about, if you go look up the photo or pull it up from your hard drives, I am talking about the wire that sticks up and curves like a upside down u with the colored string curled around it. It looks thick enough, and it should give me a nice shape if I curve it nicely. I posted this to give inspiration to other cosplayers to look out for other objects used in everyday life that you can use for your cosplay. Especially if you need short wires like this, it’s like paying for your food and cosplay at the same time!

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