CNY Post Feast | Cosplay Materials

Nian Gao, Turnip Cake & Taro Cake


Lettuce, Cucumber & Shredded Chicken

Cha Gio

Boiled Salt Pork

Sliced Taro & Boiled Salt Pork

Picked Leeks & Sauce

Cobalt Teal Paint, Packs of Sequins, 'Sulky', 5 White Embroidery Floss, Yellow Ribbon, & Two packs of white feathers

This was my CNY Post Feast! My favorites were the Salad and Cha Gio. This year’s CNY was fun, I can’t wait for the next one. Anyways, before my family started to prepare dinner, my brother and I went to Canal street because we both had to pick some stuff up there so I took a trip to my favorite fabric store. In the photo above, you can see the stuff I bought. All of them are for cosplay reasons. The paint is for Miku’s shoes and Magnet headphones, sequins are for Default Miku cosplay, as are the yellow ribbons. The floss is for when I make the lace for Miku’s Cantarella cosplay, along with the ‘Sulky’ which is a water¬†soluble¬†stabilizer. The white feathers are for when I do Miku’s Cendrillon cosplay next year! It’s weird how all of the supplies are mainly for Miku, but it’s getting prepared for a wide arrangement of cosplays, so that’s good!

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