Game Finish | Miles Edgeworth Investigations

Play the demo here;

I just finished playing the game today, and I was so sad that it ended at only 4 cases. I was hoping for a extra case, like in one of the earlier games. But nonetheless, the game was worth all the time I spent on it, including the times where I got so frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to progress in the game. When I first heard about the game last year, I really wanted to cosplay as Kay Faraday because I liked her character design. I still do, actually. So because of that, I might find a con day where I can make her costume to debut. I am thinking AnimeExpo, if I can go there this year, but i’m not certain yet. The only problem I am finding with making her costume is her tabi boots.. I’m not sure how I can make/where to buy them for a low price.


    • LOL? Did you not play it yet? orz

      Should I make Kayy?

      • I told my mom to download it but she keeps getting sidetracked 😐 So I’m getting pissed off about it

        • I have the rom, so if you know how to put games in your R4, I can give you it.

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