Commission | #1


I have to do a forced commission. It’s forced because it’s my brother’s classmate who asked if I could sew her a dress + petticoat for an event coming up in April. I’m getting $100 dollars, but splitting half of it with my mom because she makes the patterns. I don’t do commissions, period. The only exception is if you’re a good friend of mine. [Or if it’s forced, like this one.] The reason why I don’t do commissions is because I don’t do things the ‘right’ way and because i’m an amateur. So, sometimes the seams might break a little at certain parts, or the costume won’t fit right, but it’ll come out looking fine. I don’t feel comfortable with selling costumes that might rip at the seams and getting a bad reputation. [Not that any of my costumes had ripped entirely at the seams, though my Trap!Ciel dress’s seams are coming a little undone because I didn’t lock them.] Hopefully this commission will go well and I’ll get my money so I can save up for future cons.

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