March | Cosplay Prop & Wigs Month

Kay Faraday | Sprite from Court-Records

So, it’s the first day of March! For March, I planned to make all my cosplay props and style all my wigs I needed for this year. So this month will be pretty hectic, and you’ll be seeing a lot of prop posts and wig posts. I’ve already started working on a wig, too! Right now, I’m working on Kay Faraday’s wig. I’m pretty much done besides from the key and the pink wrap on her ponytail. I’ll post my photos tomorrow or sometime this week. I will most likely be doing Kay on Day 4 of AX, if not then Day 0 of AX. I’m going to post up my list of things to do in the “SCHEDULE” page. It’s at a okay length for now, but I still have to think of the other things I need to do..

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