Wig & Props Month | Kay Faraday Wig & Miku Headset

Base Wig

Tying 1st portion up

Getting 2nd portion up

Ponytail up

”] ”]Fitting weft on [Right]

Sewing weft on

White wrapping added.

Almost finished Kay wig! Still need to make the key and add the pink wrapping to it. Also need to straighten the ponytail out because the extensions have a curl at the bottom of the fibers. I’m content with the wig, as of now. I haven’t tried it on yet, but i’m stretching it out so it can fit my head size. [I have a big head, haha] I hope the wig looks okay when I put it on and doesn’t mess up or anything..

Next up, i’m going to be working on headsets. Both are from Miku, one is for her default and one is for VN02. Luckily, I already have the base headphones i’m using for both of the headsets! [No need to waste more money!] I’m working on the default Miku headset as I type this, actually. I’m making a foam cover for the mic part since I lost the original one. [I’m using my old PS2 headset for default Miku headset base] Then, I’ll paint it black or something to get it black since it’s a yellow/orange color right now. I’ll post pictures next time!

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