Pokemon | Soul Silver & Jirachi


I got my Jirachi at GameStop today. If you don’t know, Pokemon is giving away Jirachi at all GameStop stores until March 13th, so go grab it while you can! Here’s the official link for more information! http://www.pokemon.com/us/special/jirachi It’s really easy to go get it, so If you have a nearby GameStop then you should go and get it.

Also while I was at GameStop, I reserved Pokemon Soul Silver that’s coming out on March 14th. I’m so excited for it, haha. I never had the original Silver, just Gold, so I wanted to try Silver out now. I know the only difference really is you get Lugia instead of Ho-oh, but I still rather have the other piece of the game. [Plus, I like Lugia better than Ho-oh] The PokeWalker sounds so cool too! I can’t wait to see how it works. I wonder If i’m eligible to get the Lugia¬†figurine¬†that comes with the game when you pre-order. It’d be really great, but i’m fine with just the game and PokeWalker.

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