Update | 01

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting much, sorry about that. I’ve been thinking a lot, and then there’s school & cosplay work…

So continuing from cosplay work, I’ve been working on the headset for the default Miku Hatsune cosplay. It’s coming out okay, I’ve been taking pictures to document my process too, so look out for that some time this week hopefully. After that, I’m going to be working on VN02’s headset, then Kay Faraday’s props [Key, & Little Thief]. Not sure what i’m going to do after that… probably all the wirings I need for my cosplays.

IchigoMiso will probably be filming a new video during Spring Break! [March 29th – April 6th] It will be part 2 of the Gekokujou preparation video, which is the sewing portion. So look forward to that too! I’m pretty excited for Sakura Matsuri already, so working on the costume will be really fun.

School has been tiresome, mainly because I can never get a decent amount of sleep the day before. [I’m usually thinking about how to make my cosplays and fundings for it. It’s the only time I can really think..] I’ve been trying to get my sleep schedule on track, but it’s not working, haha.. Good thing break is coming up.

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