Pokemon | Soul Silver & Cyndaquil Trade

Soul Silver & Lugia Box
Lugia Figurine!

Soul Silver
Inside the box

Pictures from when I got my Soul Silver game this Sunday! I can’t stop playing it, haha. I got a female Cyndaquil as a starter, but I saved my game before getting the pokemon to make sure I got a female one. So, speaking of that, I’ll be breeding my Cyndaquil if anyone wants one! Just comment or e-mail me with your friend code and i’ll get back to you with mine and a time & date. Just keep in mind that you do also have to provide a pokemon, it doesn’t need to be anything specific, though. But, it would be nice if a female Chikorita breeder wanted to trade! [ I traded a Cyndaquil for a Totodile with my other friend, so I’m missing Chikorita. ] Also, make sure your wi-fi works when you give me your friend code so there won’t be any problems when the trade comes up.

My e-mail is misotok@gmail.com, please don’t spam me if you send a e-mail. I’ll probably get back to you right away if I’m on the computer. But if not, wait a day and you’ll get a reply.

    • abraham
    • October 20th, 2010

    i would like a cyndaquil if you have any id appreciate it, is there a certain pokemon youd like for this trade

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