Update | 03

I worked on the VN02 headphones, like I said I would in my last update post. On the first day [ Friday ], I worked from 3 PM to 3 AM haha.. I finished the painting job on Saturday for the base of the headphones, and now all that needs to be done is modify the headphones i’m using. I have a pretty good idea on how to do that, so it should go well. I also got another thing done today regarding cosplay! I worked on the VN02 patterns, and I actually got them all cut out in one day. That is, only the dress portion. I still need to make a pattern for the boots and arm warmers. The arm warmers won’t be a big deal, but the last time I made boots, it didn’t come out that well… I’ll have to look up the tutorials on how to make those again since the last time I made them was 3 years ago.

I’m not sure what I’m going to work on next. Let me check my schedule list for a second, haha.. Okay, so I’ll probably be making the key and brooch for Kay’s cosplay next.

Expect a huge image post/video post around Spring Break. That’s when i’ll be able to get everything organized and have some extra time to update. IchigoMiso will also be filming for Gekokujou Part 2 in the very beginning of Spring Break, so there will definitely be a new video posted up during that time.

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