Miku Hatsune | Headset “Behind-the-scenes”

Making the foam mic

Headset, foam, & scissors

I had lost the foam covering the headset originally came with, so I had to make my own.

Closeup on foam.
Result after shaving down the foam w/ scissors.
Painting the foam black.
Finished black foam.
Tape, Cobalt Teal paint, & Reference picture.
Cut the tape in half, then painted.
Tape on the mic.
Finished Product.

Making the headset covers

Reference picture, poster board, pencil, scissors, headphones & ruler.
Measuring the length of the headphones.
Drawing the measurements out.
Drawing the curve.

Drawing the rest of the details.
Stencils cut out.

Aligning strip with stencil.
Taping strip to stencil
Finished stencil + strip
Cutting out a piece of transparent red folder.
How the folder looks w/ stencil.
Painting cover black.
Adding yellow rectangles to covers
The before & after shot.
Painting a rectangular piece black.

Placing black rectangle behind the covers
Finished cover!

So that’s it! This was most of the process that I went through when making the headset. Things that weren’t shown are the attaching of the covers to the headset. I used a skewer and some super glue to keep the covers in place on the headset. I also had to cut in a little notch at the top of both covers & one notch on one of the covers for the mic. To see the completely finished headset, click here.

I’ll be editing the Gekokujou video right after I post this, so look forward to that!

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