Update | 04

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile, at least it seems like it has been for me. It’s the end of the marking period for school tomorrow, and i’m not sure how my grades will turn out because I have last minute quizzes and assignments to do. This week felt like forever to me, like it’s been 2 weeks at least. The week isn’t even over yet too! I have been sick since yesterday and i’m hoping to have a full recovery by tomorrow. I have some stomach pains that won’t go away for some reason, so i’m trying to watch what kinds of foods I’m eating. [ Dry foods especially ] It felt nice to have a break from working on cosplay though, but I do need to get back on that track and start sewing the rest of my costumes. I won’t comment too much about them now, because it isn’t the end of the week yet and I don’t want to give away too much information.

I recently watched AVPM [ A Very Potter Musical ] on YouTube, and yes I’m pretty late with that but since they’re coming out with the sequel, I won’t have to wait as long as people who have seen the musical from the start. I found it hilarious at most parts, and the singing was pretty nice! You guys should check it out; Act 1 of Part 1 is up here.

Also, have you guys heard? It was about five days ago, but they announced the new Pokemon game that’s coming out in Japan, Fall 2010. It’s going to be Pokemon Black & White. It sounds extremely interesting, but I’m not so excited for the new Pokemon generation. It took me forever to learn the 4th gen. Pokemon, and now I have to learn probably 100+ more Pokemon when the game comes out in America! I’ve only seen the two Pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark. Zorua looks like a Shinx, but with the color scheme played around with. Zoroark very much reminds me of Weavile.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back to post up the results of my Plan of the Week 04!

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