Plan of the Week 04 | Update

So it’s the end of the week, here’s how it went!

  • Finish Miku
  • Get white fabric for VN02
  • Start Gekokujou hair ornaments
  • Take photos of completed Miku cosplay
  • Buy tabi & makeup
  • So two out of five done. I’m almost close to finishing Miku, I just need to make her skirt, arm warmers, and hair clips. I recieved my tabi socks for Gekokujou yesterday, and the makeup came on Thursday, but no one could pick it up so I got a notice. I scheduled a re-delivery today, but no one came. I’m pretty mad about that, but there’s nothing I can really do, so i’m just going to pick it up on Monday after school. I took pictures of the tabi and tabi with the geta, so I’ll post that up later on.

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