Miku Hatsune | Completed

Front shot

Lower shot

Full shot

I actually really don’t like this above shot, but it was the better out of the three I got taken.

So here is my ‘completed’ Miku Hatsune costume. I put the ‘ ‘ around completed because I didn’t finish making the little parts of the costume; hair & tie clips. I’m also not wearing my stockings because I forgot them.

As you can see, the ponytails of the wig are still wavy.. I’m trying really hard to get them back to normal, but i’m running out of patience. I’ll try at least 6-10 more times to get it back to normal. But, if nothing happens then i’m just going to leave it like that and comb out the tangles.

  1. The cosplay looks great!! ( *≧▽≦)

    I see you were able to finish the arm buttons part?

    • Thanks!

      Arm buttons? Do you mean the glowing panel thing or?

      I used the projector sheet, like I talked to you about on FB. I couldn’t think of anything else & I was running out of time.

      • Ooooh, well it looks great! : D

        By the way, I did screenshots of all the outfits Luka’s Ex wears in JBF, and all the outfits Miku wears in WiM (KAITO ver.)

        • Thanks!

          Ah alright! Can you upload on imageshack and send me it over FB?

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