Plan of the Week 05 | Update + Story

  • Finish Miku
  • Pick up package from Post Office
  • Straighten Miku Ponytails
  • Finish Gekokujou hair ornaments.
  • Take photos of finished Miku costume
  • Buy GEO Angel Blue Contacts
  • Buy white fabric for VN02
  • Start cutting out VN02 pieces
  • So, half of my goals were completed. It would have actually been 5/8 if the contact lens place I went to had kept their word..

    On Friday, I had a school trip and afterwards, we were let out early at around 1 PM, and I went to go eat lunch and took a long subway ride home. Afterwards, I decided to go to Chinatown and grab the contacts at a store I knew sold them. It took 40 minutes to get there, and it usually takes 20, but there was a traffic hold up, so I got there at around 3. I went inside the store and I asked the lady for the contacts, she checked her inventory and she didn’t have them in stock. So she told me “Come back at 6 PM.” Now, I was kind of irritated, because I used up my student metro card for the day when I had to go back home, so I had to use a regular metro card to come back at 6. When I got there at 6:04, she said “Oh! They didn’t bring them in, let me call them.” So she talked on the phone to the company & they told her that they would bring it before 7:30. The lady told me to come tomorrow [ Saturday ]. I didn’t go today because I did not want to waste my money on what would probably be another excuse that she did not have it & I would have wasted my money again. So i’m going after school on Monday to save my student metro card fare so I can get home without spending any money. I really do hope that she has them by that time, because Sakura Matsuri is coming up, and I need those contacts because I don’t want to look awkward with Ichigo, since she is wearing her contacts.

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