Goal of the Week 08 | Update

It’s the end of the week, and let me just say this. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day anymore. I used to be fine with how long days went, but now it seems like time is rushing by so fast. When I look at the time, it’s 10 PM when I think it should have been 7 PM. School is also ending in 14 days. It feels like just yesterday, I entered my new school. Not that I’m sad about this school year ending or anything

  • Finish Kay’s Vest.
  • Start Kay’s Skirt.
  • Paint white details on vest.
  • Start Scarf.
  • Start broach.
  • I actually did a lot of productive things this week! I finished Kay’s vest [ Which includes white details ] and scarf. I’m going to try and finish her skirt right now, and after i’m going to cut of the buckle of a belt I bought from a 99 cent store [ Didn’t cost 99 cents though.. ] and paint it gold, since it’s silver. Then I’m gonna start making her belt bag! I’m a bit nervous about the bag because it’s my very first time making a pattern entirely by myself, without any direction whatsoever. Usually, my mom makes the patterns for my cosplays, so I’m hoping I’ve studied enough to make this bag right. Something that is irking me though is the bag clips that she has. I can’t find them anywhere.. I’m thinking of using those clips that they use for sock garters as a substitute.

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