AX ’10

Hey guys!

Veryy late journal post for this, but I’ve been back from AX since July 5th, and it was a really fun time. AX was HUGE compared to the cons I go to in NY, so it was kind of overwhelming. I’ll try to summarize the days in short..
Day 0
Cosplayed as Gekokujou!Miku
Arrived around 3:30? Line was veryy, veryy long. It’s probably the longest line i’ve been on, haha. We got inside the building at around 5-6? Which wasn’t that bad, actually. After getting badges, we lounged around in the bottom area of LACC. I forgot what it was called. Left at around 8.
Day 1
Cosplayed as Default!Miku
I forgot what time we arrived, but we decided to look around the west hall, and wait for Asakawa’s focus panel. Most of the day was for Asakawa, as the autograph session was 30 minutes after and it took forever in line for autographs, but it was so worth it. We finished at around 6, and then headed back to the bottom area to relax until leaving at around 7.
Day 2
Cosplayed as Luce
Beginning to middle of the day was all focused on Eri Kitamura’s panel and autograph session, Right when we arrived at LACC, we went to the line for her panel which was out the door.. But we still managed to get good seats. The autograph session crossed in with the Reborn! Gathering, so we couldn’t go to that, and took around 2 hours to get her autograph, I think. After that, we just hung out with friends until it was time to go.
Day 3
Cosplayed as Gekokujou!Miku
Not much on this day, just hanging around and buying stuff, haha.
Day 4
Cosplayed as Luce and Kay Faraday
Arrived as Luce, changed into Kay at around 12, but took forever to change because of all the parts e__e;; Got there pretty late, around 2 I’d say, stuck around the gathering for 30-1 hour and changed back into Luce for photoshoot with friends. I loved this day, it was the most fun I think, too bad it was the last day though. orz
What happened on Day 3?
If you’ve read my blog before, you would have known that I was doing VN02 Miku for Day 3, unfortunately, the cosplay was not made in time and it was not up to my standards. So I had to pick a cosplay that I wanted to do for Day 3, but was bringing to AX. I am a bit disappointed in myself for not finishing, but it’s alright. I can always do it another time.
In the meanwhile, check out our AX ’10 video!
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