Cosplay Update 02 | Magnet + Sandplay

So here’s the photo update I promised last time!

Magnet Hat

I really love the lace that ichigochu & I picked out for magnet, it’s so pretty and detailed.

Fabric for Magnet

When looking for a fabric, we tried to look for a fabric that had a nice shine but wasn’t so overpowering in photos.

The almost finished dress

This is how I made my dress for Miku, all that was left was to hem the end of the dress, as you can see it’s not hemmed there.

Let’s move onto sandplay! The embroidery was going to take the longest, so I started that first.

Purple part for embroidery

You can kind of see my sketch book there on the left, that was where I drew out the pattern that I drew out from looking at the picture zoomed in like crazy, haha; You can also see that I folded the fabric in rows and columns, that was so everything could be drawn out right and etc.

Starting to draw the design!

We're getting there...!

We're done!

Wait- we have to draw in the black!

Done drawing in the black!

Initially, I was only planning on coloring the black in, and leaving it in like that. But as you can see- maybe you can’t, because you can barely even see the black details! That’s when..

I decided to embroider the details in to get it to stand out.

So that’s all the photos I have for now. Until next week! Things will definitely start to form more by next week, as there’s only TWO more weeks left till NYAF/CC. See you guys next time!

  1. looks amazing! omg
    can’t wait to see it! ^^

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