I know it’s been awhile since NYAF/NYCC ended, but I still wanted to post up my con report + photos!

I did a con report over at my deviantArt, so I’ll be reposting that and adding in the photos!

Skip to the end for TL;DR & IchigoMiso video!


NYAF/CC was alright. I think it was a really bad idea for the two cons to join together, even if both tickets get you into one con. It was ridiculously crowded on saturday in the dealers room, that I could barely walk around without getting smushed. I was with IchigoChu the entire con.

Costume info:
Saturday | Sandplay Miku
Sunday | Don’t Say Lazy! Mio & Sandplay Miku

Day 2:
Got to the con at around 10:30, we went straight for the food court to settle in and fix up whatever we had to do. We chilled there for awhile, until about 1 PM or so and ate our lunches that we brought from home. After that, we went to the NYCC [mainly, there was barely any nyaf] dealers room and we just stood around the aniplex booth and tried to get around, but it was really hard to. After that, we we tried to go back to the food court but it was really crowded. So we called our friends and met up with them at the NYAF artist alley. We were there for the rest of the con, actually. A really big surprise was that our friend who works at the maid cafe entered my friends[3] and I into the cosplay contest they were having, as two pairs without telling us so we were really shocked and nervous. We thought we had to do a small performance, so us pairs worked on thinking of something. Eventually we came up with a small scene, we were thinking of doing a dancing scene but that was a bit of a problem with my train. So the scene was going to be us walking towards each other on different sides of the stage, pass by a little, then IchigoChu who was Sandplay KAITO was going to grab my arm, kneel down and kiss my hand. But as the contest started, we got nervous and it turns out we didn’t need to do a performance so we canceled it. In the end, we did not win, but our friends [the other pair] won!

Our friends and ourselves!

They got a bag of sweets in which they kindly shared with us later on haha. The rest of the time we just watched people do dance-offs on the stage. At the last minute, KAITO suggested we switch costumes, so we went to the bathroom and switched, even though I couldn’t get her pants up all the way, I got most of it and just hid the rest with the dress shirt. We stayed like that until the con was over & then went home.

Miku sheet sticker that my friend got for me!

Day 3:
Woke up at 8 when I planned on waking up at 6. Haha..orz; But managed to get everything done by 9:15. Got there a little before 10. Hit the food court for a bit then to the artist alley and one of our friends asked if we wanted to leave some stuff at her table there, so that was a lifesaver since I had two bags and they were a handful. Decided to actually browse the dealers room before they got closer to closing. I didn’t buy anything but I was interested in a couple of things. Mainly, I was actually looking for Yaya Han‘s booth because she’s one of my favorite cosplayers, haha; I did end up seeing her, but I was really nervous & didn’t ask for a picture orz; She wasn’t cosplaying at the moment either so I thought it might seem odd. After the dealers room, I went to the Aniplex booth for the K-ON! gathering and poster giveaway.

K-ON! Poster hanging on my wall

I felt like the odd one out because I think everyone else came with someone else while I was cosplaying K-ON myself that day, and was going to change into Miku for my KAITO later on in the day.

Photobombed by Ritsu! Photo by ACParadise

So posing was a little awkward for me since a lot of the cosplayers seemed to know each other, haha. [ I also could barely see anything since I had to take my glasses off for photos ] It was definitely still fun though! I got to see my old classmate from middle school that I was trying to meet up with in the crowd of people there, which was good!

Photo by ACParadise!

After that, I went to the artist alley to pick up my bag that had my costume in it and changed in the bathroom. Then we went to the food court, which was packed like crazyy, I’m glad we found two seats at a table! I was really hungry and I didn’t want to wait in line, so I picked up one of the pre-made salads and a drink to eat. I think we hung around the area right above the artist alley next, behind some huge tractors and we took photos. Stan Lee also came through the area, as he was leaving or something like that. I recorded like.. 5 seconds of him before he walked by the tractors, and my view was cut off, haha. More sitting happened, and then we met up with our friends again until the rest of the con & left at around 5.





Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Izaya one they were handing out, pretty much because I wasn’t even there when they were! [ They gave out the Izaya ones on Friday & I didn’t go on Friday. ]

TL;DR: Artist Alley > Rest of con

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