In The Flesh ’10 Utada

Today is Utada Hikaru’s concert in New York. It is going on as I type this, actually. So as you can see, I did not manage to get a ticket to it.. It was sold out before I even found out about the concert, which makes me pretty sad/angry. But i’m just hoping she will have another concert in New York next year so I can go. I have to keep my eyes peeled for any news about it in the future.


Ordinary Item : Cosplay Item

Wire from takeout box

As I was eating my dinner today [viet. summer rolls], I looked at the wire that connected the box together to make it’s form. I had already pulled it out to get the box to look like how it does in the photo, so it kind of gave me an idea.

Why not use this wire for my ‘Magnet’ Miku Hatsune cosplay? If you are not sure what wire I’m talking about, if you go look up the photo or pull it up from your hard drives, I am talking about the wire that sticks up and curves like a upside down u with the colored string curled around it. It looks thick enough, and it should give me a nice shape if I curve it nicely. I posted this to give inspiration to other cosplayers to look out for other objects used in everyday life that you can use for your cosplay. Especially if you need short wires like this, it’s like paying for your food and cosplay at the same time!

Plum Skies!

My favorite photo out of the bunch.

Around 5 pm, the sun started to set and the sky turned a nice purple/pink color, so my brother took me up to the roof so I could take some quick photos before it disappeared. Right after I came back to my apartment, the sky wasn’t purple/pink anymore. So that means I got these photos just in time! It’s only been one hour from then and now it’s 6 pm, but it is so dark. I hope it lightens up as Spring comes closer so it’s easier to go outside at this time.

Sorry I’m posting so much today, the weekend is boring and I have nothing else to do.

Snow, No Snow.

Snow in the Backyard

It was supposed to snow a lot in New York today, but I woke up to barely an inch of snow today.. I heard it was snowing a lot in other places near New York, it’s like the storm skipped us. 8|. I hope it snows tonight or tomorrow, I didn’t get to play in the snow last time it piled up.

Paper Airplane Folding!

Paper Airplanes for 'Just Be Friends'

Currently working on folding paper airplanes to prepare on making a live-action version of ‘Just Be Friends’ by DixieFlatline, and sung by Megurine Luka. I have to fold at least 40 of them to make the video accurate! It’s going to take a while to fold all of them, but the effort will pay off in the end. I have 11 so far in the photo above. Working on my 12th one in the picture as well.