Update | 07

Hey guys!

I’m sorry I don’t have much to blog about these days orz; Since AX has ended, there isn’t much cosplay things to do nowadays and it’s┬ásummer┬ávacation now, so it’s just a lot of hanging around and sleeping for me..

I’m sorry the font for the blog is so hard to read e__e; I’m trying to get it back to normal but i’m not sure how to do that exactly.. I’ll try fixing it today. I got rid of the cosplay page because the information listed there can be found in the schedules page. Which I actually have to update since the AX stuff is still on there, haha.

I do have a very exciting project coming up in August, but I don’t want to release the details just yet. Please look forward to it!


AX ’10 Photo Post

Photos of my cosplay at AX, there aren’t many since we were pretty busy, but it’s better than nothing!

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AX ’10

Hey guys!

Veryy late journal post for this, but I’ve been back from AX since July 5th, and it was a really fun time. AX was HUGE compared to the cons I go to in NY, so it was kind of overwhelming. I’ll try to summarize the days in short..

Update | 06

It’s been awhile since my last post, but AX is really close & i’ve been working. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but my computer’s motherboard pretty much broke, so I don’t have daily computer access. [ Which is good in a way because I can be more focused on cosplay. ] But that means it’ll be a little harder to post every now and then. This is why I’m putting the Plan of the Week on hold for now until after I finish my cosplays/AnimeExpo. In other words, I will be on a mini hiatus for about 2-3 weeks. I will definitely post photos from AnimeExpo up and there will be a introduction video for AnimeExpo the day before our flight. I’ll see you guys soon!

Goal of the Month 01 & 02 | Update 01

Haha, I totally forgot about the goal of the month for May. I’ve been really busy trying to get cosplays together. There’s about 23 more days until I have to finish and board the flight to California for AnimeExpo.

So, was the very first goal of the month completed? Sadly, no, it was not. To remind you guys, the goal of the month for May was to..

Finish Kay Faraday’s Costume & Props!

So, I did not finish Kay yet, but the only thing remaining is to make her tabi socks and boots. I’ll make them this week, actually, so that will be done for if all goes according to plan. Since it’s June now, we have a new goal of the month! For June’s goal of the month, it is to..

Wrap up all cosplays for AnimeExpo!

This is the most reasonable goal there is, since AnimeExpo is the end of June. I am definitely completing this goal, and since my classes end next week, I’ll have more time at home to finish cosplays!

I wish everyone good luck on finishing their cosplays for AnimeExpo as well!

Plan of the Week | 09

Another week has started.

  • Start Kay’s tabi socks
  • Start Kay’s tabi boots.
  • Add belt straps onto Kay’s skirt
  • Sew snaps onto Kay’s skirt
  • Make clasps for Kay’s bag
  • Finish painting broach
  • Start Kay’s Key
  • By the way, I am feeling much, much better & I’m ready to start finishing up cosplays and starting VN02! Only about 4 weeks to go!

    Update | 05

    I’m sick.

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