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Cosplay Update 02 | Magnet + Sandplay

So here’s the photo update I promised last time!

Magnet Hat

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Miku Hatsune | Sandplay Hat

Miku’s Sandplay Hat

This is the hat I made for my Miku Hatsune | From the Sandplay Singing of The Dragon costume. [ Debuting it at NYAF | CC. Check out conventions page for more info. ] I originally had the sequins sewed on, but it looked too weird for me because of the threads sticking out so I ended up gluing them onto the tulle using some adhesive. I don’t have a picture to post on here with the hat on the wig, but it looks pretty nice on it! I just need it to be a little less stiff so it can drape over my head nicer without sticking out straight. I have an idea to curve it though, but it’s not permanent, so I’ll have to do it the night before the con.