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Cosplay Update 02 | Magnet + Sandplay

So here’s the photo update I promised last time!

Magnet Hat

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Cosplay Update | Magnet + Sandplay

I’ve been using DeviantArt’s journal more often now, but I thought I should post on my blog too so here’s a copy and paste + an update.

So yesterday, I devoted all my time to get all the fabric cut out so it’d be ready for today & I can sew everything without having to go back and cut something out, because cutting fabric is the least favorite thing to me when I make costumes e__e;; Today, I started magnet and I’ll probably be done with the dress tomorrow.. I hope. There’s not much to do except install the zipper, sew up the side & add the ruffles. It shouldn’t take that long? I also drew in the details on the purple section of the sandplay costume, but it sucks because you can’t really see them well and it took me an hour or so to get them all in there orz; Dark purple + black writing…yeah. I’m thinking about putting a layer of lace over it, but i’m not sure yet. If I have time I’ll embroider all the details so it’ll be a little bit more noticeable and stick out more, rather than it being flat on the fabric. But speaking of embroidery, I STILL haven’t found that hoop yet.. I’ll look more thoroughly in my fabric box & bags for it but I’ve been looking for it for awhile orz;

So yeah, my embroidery hoop has been MIA for awhile now & I hope I can find it soon, haha. I’m gonna need it in a bit. I have some photos but I won’t upload them just yet. I’ll probably do all photo posts on weekends because of school and stuff, so it’s easier to do it like that.

CNY Post Feast | Cosplay Materials

Nian Gao, Turnip Cake & Taro Cake


Lettuce, Cucumber & Shredded Chicken

Cha Gio

Boiled Salt Pork

Sliced Taro & Boiled Salt Pork

Picked Leeks & Sauce

Cobalt Teal Paint, Packs of Sequins, 'Sulky', 5 White Embroidery Floss, Yellow Ribbon, & Two packs of white feathers

This was my CNY Post Feast! My favorites were the Salad and Cha Gio. This year’s CNY was fun, I can’t wait for the next one. Anyways, before my family started to prepare dinner, my brother and I went to Canal street because we both had to pick some stuff up there so I took a trip to my favorite fabric store. In the photo above, you can see the stuff I bought. All of them are for cosplay reasons. The paint is for Miku’s shoes and Magnet headphones, sequins are for Default Miku cosplay, as are the yellow ribbons. The floss is for when I make the lace for Miku’s Cantarella cosplay, along with the ‘Sulky’ which is a water soluble stabilizer. The white feathers are for when I do Miku’s Cendrillon cosplay next year! It’s weird how all of the supplies are mainly for Miku, but it’s getting prepared for a wide arrangement of cosplays, so that’s good!

Ordinary Item : Cosplay Item

Wire from takeout box

As I was eating my dinner today [viet. summer rolls], I looked at the wire that connected the box together to make it’s form. I had already pulled it out to get the box to look like how it does in the photo, so it kind of gave me an idea.

Why not use this wire for my ‘Magnet’ Miku Hatsune cosplay? If you are not sure what wire I’m talking about, if you go look up the photo or pull it up from your hard drives, I am talking about the wire that sticks up and curves like a upside down u with the colored string curled around it. It looks thick enough, and it should give me a nice shape if I curve it nicely. I posted this to give inspiration to other cosplayers to look out for other objects used in everyday life that you can use for your cosplay. Especially if you need short wires like this, it’s like paying for your food and cosplay at the same time!