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Sakura Matsuri | Gekokujou 02

I just had to share these photos that I absolutely love from cosaru’s website. It’s only four shots of our cosplays, but they came out very nice.

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Sakura Matsuri | At the Event Video!

Here’s the Sakura Matsuri At the Event video! It shows all of the photoshoot photos that we were happy with so, enjoy!

Sakura Matsuri | Gekokujou

Picture post! Here are some of the photos I really liked from our photoshoot for Gekokujou at Sakura Matsuri.

Ichigo as Luka Megurine, Misoto as Miku Hatsune

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Plan of the Week 06 | Update

  • Practice putting in contacts
  • Buy white gauze bandages
  • Buy light pink lipgloss [ Maybelline brand is on sale ]
  • Add remaining details to Miku skirt
  • Film Introduction to Sakura Matsuri ’10 video
  • Practice Gekokujou poses
  • Finish straightening ends of miku ponytail
  • Trim bangs on Miku wig
  • I came back from Sakura Matsuri about two hours ago. It was so much fun & it was great to see most of my friends again. Expect a photoshoot picture dump by the end of the next week. I’m going to take a very long rest now.

    Sakura Matsuri ’10 | Introduction

    Sakura Matsuri Introduction video is up! I’m looking forward to Sakura Matsuri tomorrow. But I’m also really nervous because I haven’t cosplayed in over a half a year.. But I’m sure once the adrenaline kicks in, it’ll be all good! If you’re going, look out for us!

    Gekokujou | Update

    Hey guys. I wanted to do a picture post since I haven’t done any in awhile.

    Homer Simpson modeling the obi

    Side view of obi

    Origami Kusudama flower for hair ornament

    Painting the paper over with clear nail polish

    Tabi socks

    Tabi socks + Geta

    So let’s start out with the obi. It’s really, really long. [ 3 1/2 yds. ] If you’re making one, I suggest using that length or longer if you want to make sure it’s good enough. I learned how to tie it by watching this YouTube video, but since you can’t really tie it on by yourself, I couldn’t take a picture of me wearing it. For the hair ornament, I thought the kusudama flower would look really nice as a hair pin for the Gekokujou cosplays, so I made the flowers with the colors light blue and pink to match Miku and Luka’s colors. Ichigo made some hair barrettes, so we’ll have that and this. I bought the tabi socks from a great website called Sock Dreams! I’ve bought from them twice, and both times have been great. They have free shipping inside the US & I got my package in 3 days. [ From Portland to New York ] I bought the geta after Ichigo found a gift store in Chinatown called Ting’s Gift Store that sold them, and they carry antique items, so i’m not sure if they restock geta.

    I’m so excited for Sakura Matsuri, I haven’t cosplayed at an event for 8 months now. So, I’m also kind of nervous because it’s been over half a year. The most important thing is to have fun though, and I think we will!

    Plan of the Week | 04

    Another week has started, so here’s the goals for this week!

  • Finish Miku
  • Get white fabric for VN02
  • Start Gekokujou hair ornaments
  • Take photos of completed Miku cosplay
  • Buy tabi & makeup
  • So I started sewing Miku last night, and into early morning [ 3 AM ] & so I’ve almost completed Miku’s shirt, I just need to sew the collar & add the details on. Then I can start the skirt, which will probably take me a day to sew & a day of detailing it. I bought all [ fabric ] except the white fabric for VN02 because my fabric store did not have the type of fabric I was looking for. Buying the tabi for Gekokujou, and I also bought geta to match Ichigo’s Luka. The next costume i’ll make is probably VN02 if I buy the fabric in time.