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Forgot to mention this when the video came out, but there is a new video on the IchigoMiso youtube channel! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is!

What do you guys think of the idea? I think that since we decided on doing these videos, apart from the normal cosplay videos, it helps you guys see what we do outside of cosplay, you get to learn more about us & how we act. Plus, we’re pretty stupid sometimes, which is funny.


Update | 08

Hey everybody!

I realize I have not posted much recently..but there’s not that much happening.

In other news, school started for me today! It was interesting since I had my own individual schedule, when last year the school did classes, so I only saw the same people over and over again. This time we will be able to see different people. Though..there are a lot of the same people in my classes, there are some new ones and some that aren’t. None of the teachers really got me interested, but they seem alright. Though, I did get excited when my math teacher pulled out a KenKen puzzle in class. [/nerd] For those of you who don’t know, I really like those kinds of number puzzles, basically Sudoku and KenKen. I’ve been playing more Sudoku than KenKen so I didn’t get stuff as fast as I used to be able to, haha. But it’s still fun for me, which is what counts!

Now there’s a break because of Rosh Hashanah, so this week I’m going to go with IchigoChu to the fabric store for NYAF/CC cosplays! I talked more about the cosplays in my deviantArt journal entry, so if you want to check that out, click here. But that means I’ll definitely be posting more photo posts, and updates!

Ah! Also, if you haven’t noticed, I added a twitter feed to the sidebar of the blog. Right now I’m just managing it since Ichigo doesn’t use twitter, but I’ll try to update every now and then. Maybe even post pictures when we’re at a con! [Also, if you read some of the tweets, you’ll notice that there’s a video coming up!]

Update | 06

It’s been awhile since my last post, but AX is really close & i’ve been working. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but my computer’s motherboard pretty much broke, so I don’t have daily computer access. [ Which is good in a way because I can be more focused on cosplay. ] But that means it’ll be a little harder to post every now and then. This is why I’m putting the Plan of the Week on hold for now until after I finish my cosplays/AnimeExpo. In other words, I will be on a mini hiatus for about 2-3 weeks. I will definitely post photos from AnimeExpo up and there will be a introduction video for AnimeExpo the day before our flight. I’ll see you guys soon!

Goal of the Month 01 & 02 | Update 01

Haha, I totally forgot about the goal of the month for May. I’ve been really busy trying to get cosplays together. There’s about 23 more days until I have to finish and board the flight to California for AnimeExpo.

So, was the very first goal of the month completed? Sadly, no, it was not. To remind you guys, the goal of the month for May was to..

Finish Kay Faraday’s Costume & Props!

So, I did not finish Kay yet, but the only thing remaining is to make her tabi socks and boots. I’ll make them this week, actually, so that will be done for if all goes according to plan. Since it’s June now, we have a new goal of the month! For June’s goal of the month, it is to..

Wrap up all cosplays for AnimeExpo!

This is the most reasonable goal there is, since AnimeExpo is the end of June. I am definitely completing this goal, and since my classes end next week, I’ll have more time at home to finish cosplays!

I wish everyone good luck on finishing their cosplays for AnimeExpo as well!

Update | 05

I’m sick.

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Sakura Matsuri | Gekokujou 02

I just had to share these photos that I absolutely love from cosaru’s website. It’s only four shots of our cosplays, but they came out very nice.

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Plan of the Week 07 | Update

Saturday is here!

  • Start cutting out Kay’s fabric.
  • Start sewing Kay’s clothes.
  • Start any one of Kay’s props. [ Most likely the key ]
  • Sketch out the white designs on Kay’s vest.
  • So, most of the goals were completed except for starting one of Kay’s props. I’ll try to do that next week. I actually did some other Kay related things this week as well. Today, I went to Chinatown with Ichigo to grab some matching green contacts for Kay, which can double up as contacts for my VN02 cosplay! Killing two birds with one stone, like my friend mentioned when I asked her if I should get them. I also grabbed matching wigs for Kay. A note about that, since you guys might have seen my Kay wig already. That did not work well on me because I have a pretty big head. So when I put it on, there was no way that I could get it on my head right, so I have to buy a base wig and make a ponytail clip on for that. It’s a little disappointing, but you have to do what you have to do.