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I know it’s been awhile since NYAF/NYCC ended, but I still wanted to post up my con report + photos!

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Cosplay Update 02 | Magnet + Sandplay

So here’s the photo update I promised last time!

Magnet Hat

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Cosplay Update | Magnet + Sandplay

I’ve been using DeviantArt’s journal more often now, but I thought I should post on my blog too so here’s a copy and paste + an update.

So yesterday, I devoted all my time to get all the fabric cut out so it’d be ready for today & I can sew everything without having to go back and cut something out, because cutting fabric is the least favorite thing to me when I make costumes e__e;; Today, I started magnet and I’ll probably be done with the dress tomorrow.. I hope. There’s not much to do except install the zipper, sew up the side & add the ruffles. It shouldn’t take that long? I also drew in the details on the purple section of the sandplay costume, but it sucks because you can’t really see them well and it took me an hour or so to get them all in there orz; Dark purple + black writing…yeah. I’m thinking about putting a layer of lace over it, but i’m not sure yet. If I have time I’ll embroider all the details so it’ll be a little bit more noticeable and stick out more, rather than it being flat on the fabric. But speaking of embroidery, I STILL haven’t found that hoop yet.. I’ll look more thoroughly in my fabric box & bags for it but I’ve been looking for it for awhile orz;

So yeah, my embroidery hoop has been MIA for awhile now & I hope I can find it soon, haha. I’m gonna need it in a bit. I have some photos but I won’t upload them just yet. I’ll probably do all photo posts on weekends because of school and stuff, so it’s easier to do it like that.

AX ’10 Photo Post

Photos of my cosplay at AX, there aren’t many since we were pretty busy, but it’s better than nothing!

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Sakura Matsuri | Gekokujou 02

I just had to share these photos that I absolutely love from cosaru’s website. It’s only four shots of our cosplays, but they came out very nice.

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Sakura Matsuri | At the Event Video!

Here’s the Sakura Matsuri At the Event video! It shows all of the photoshoot photos that we were happy with so, enjoy!

Sakura Matsuri | Gekokujou

Picture post! Here are some of the photos I really liked from our photoshoot for Gekokujou at Sakura Matsuri.

Ichigo as Luka Megurine, Misoto as Miku Hatsune

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